Listen, Radio Verte Fessenheim is Listening


a film by Daniel Coche, 29'The idea for this film was born at the "Alsace en liberté" festival in Benfeld in July 1978... R.V.F. was known by name, but few people in Alsace and even fewer in the rest of France really knew its intentions and how it worked.

"Hence the idea of conducting interviews and filming broadcasts or rather recordings in public. The filming took place from July to the end of November 1978; the editing was done very quickly in order to have a tool for popularising this free radio. The film does not retrace the weekly adventure of the 37 local antennas and the 17 transmitters that cover the whole of Alsace, but it allows us to see the extent of this free radio and the links it maintains with the inhabitants, whether they are farmers, researchers, elected local trade unionists or unemployed workers... Our aim is to make this experience known and to open the debate. That's it..."

Presentation text of the film in 1978. Note the poor quality of the image shot on 1/4 inch video tape. THE FILM IS VISIBLE ON THIS PAGE IN ITS ENTIRETY.

technical data:

camera Daniel Coche
sound Daniel Coche
editing Daniel Egret Laurent Hua
music Folk des Dentelles
production Collectif Images au poing
distribution  dora films