Emilio from Hohwald


a film by Regina De Almeida, 52' In 1907 Emile Kuntz's father left Alsace, then German, for Brazil, where he died tragically a few days after his arrival. Nearly a century later, Emile does not know much about this story but this mystery has haunted him like Brazil fascinates him.

He confides in his friend, Regina, a Brazilian filmmaker living in Alsace. She leads the investigation to Brazil where she discovers a city with a Germanic culture. She discovers the circumstances of the death and brings together different pieces of the family puzzle...

As a tribute to the old man who called himself Emilio and through this unique story, the film discovers the important Germanic migration to southern Brazil, between the middle of the nineteenth and early twentieth century. Brazil with a smell of sauerkraut!

Technical data :
duration  52 minutes
camera Frank Barbian, Franck Guepratte, Dominique Béduchaud

sound Francis Bonfanti, Olivier Loutz, Christian Cazaubon
editing Daniel Coche
sound mixer Marc Rodicq
a coproduction

dora productions, Freihaendler, Gambit films France 3 Alsace France 3


Centre National de la Cinématographie

  Communauté Urbaine de Strasbourg, Région Alsace, Procirep, Angoa,-Agicoa, Prefeitura Municipal de Joinville, Fundaçao Cultural de Joinville, Promotur, Programme Media
festivals Festival des trois continents Nantes 2003