The Calm of the Poisoned River


a film by Damien Fritsch, 23'August 1999, my partner, a photographer, notices a man in a hospital. The day of the eclipse, she recognizes the man in the crowd and takes photos of him, with his permission...

Among her photos, a smiling face stands out: Jean-Pierre, a Rwandan man. In 1994 in Rwanda, 800,000 people were killed in just over three months. Some have escaped the massacres thanks to humanitarian organizations. I want to film this man and my partner introduces him to me. A year later, I decide to make a film of his story: a face to face between him and me. A film where a man listens to another man talking about his pain.

The film is followed by a discussion between Damien Fritsch and Guy Chouraqui recorded in June 2008.

technical data:
duration  23 minutes
camera Damien Fritsch
sound Damien Fritsch
editing Damien Fritsch
sound mixer Gilles Guigue
photos Nathalie Savey
coproduction Damien Fritsch / dora films
festivals special mention Filmer en Alsace 2002