André Weckmann


a film by Daniel Coche , 52'André Weckmann is the author of multiple works: poetic, romantic, satiric works... written in three languages: Alsacian, French, German.

André Weckmann was born in 1924 in Steinbourg, Alsace. Forcibly incorporated into the Wehrmacht in 1943, wounded in Russia, then a deserter, he hides in Alsace at the end of the war. For this author, the question of language is at the heart of his work.

André Weckmann likes to say he is where we do not expect him, a committed poet - or mad - who does not want to be limited nor restricted. A poet of love, love that besides, he says, is also a commitment. This film is a portrait to approach and love his work.

technical data:
duration 52 minutes
camera Daniel Coche
sound Richard Harmelle
editing Matthieu Boetsch
music Pierre Zeidler
mixer Marc Rodicq
texts read by Emma Guntz, Tobias Kempf, André Weckmann
production dora productions / France 3 Alsace
grants Centre National de la Cinématographie, Centre National du Livre, Communauté urbaine de Strasbourg, Commune de Steinbourg, Département du Bas-Rhin, Drac Alsace, Région Alsace.