Letter of an Exile Time


a film by Borhane Alaouie, 51'The internal exile - four characters: Abdallah Karim, a former militia.. Karim, an unemployed journalist living in Paris... Rizkallah, a car salesman who works in Brussels...

Nessim, a surgeon who came to Strasbourg... They don't know each other. The exile is the only thing that they have in common. The voice and the memory of the narrator brought them together. "Borhane Alaouie is a topographer, he films the places. Like all of the people who chose to live elsewhere, he knows what a place means, to frame as much as to dream, to fly as much as to film." Serge Daney, about the film Beyrouth la rencontre in "Libération".

You can preview this film here in integral, with French subtitles.

technical data:
duration 51 minutes
script Borhane Alaouie
camera Rabih Braidi
sound Henri Morelle
editing Borhane Alaouie
a coproduction Dora Films/Arte la sept/ E.A.P.C./ Cinélibre Bruxelles
participation Centre National de la Cinématographie
grants Intermédia