A Painstaking Job


a film by Daniel Coche , 52'Louis and Bernard, who have just retired, have decided to support some Yougoslavian refugees and deserters.

Between awareness and self-questioning, these ordinary citizens act daily. The film will be the mirror and memory of this human aid, which is warm and concrete, an answer to our own reflections and questioning about a war considered to be far-off.

technical data:

duration 52 minutes
script Daniel Coche
camera Bénédicte Martin and Daniel Coche
sound Damien Fritsch, Gilles Guigue
assistants Simone Fluhr, Anne-Noëlle Gaessler
editing Matthieu Boetsch
sound mixer Gilles Guigue
coproduction dora films / France 3 Alsace / Images Plus

Centre National du Cinéma, Procirep, Communauté urbaine de Strasbourg, Région Alsace, Fonds d’Action Sociale