Paper Heads


a film by Dusan Hanak, 96'The film depicts the mechanismes and facets of the communist ideology that collapsed in 1989, at the very moment when the desire for freedom of the Czech and Slovak people became an irresistible force.

Dusan Hanak, the Slovak filmmaker, has faithfully fixed these events on film, using shattering eye witness accounts and astonishing archives. The film is a vast and vivid tapestry of many colours, marked by the comical appearance of the expressionless masks of former apparatchiks : the paper heads. Dusan Hanak has created a film which is both serious and ironic, historical and emotional.

technical data:
duration 96 minutes
autheur Dusan Hanak
camera Alojz Hanusek
sound Igor Vrabec, Pavol-Jan Jasovsky
editing Patrick Pass, Alena Patoprsta
production Les Films de l'Observatoire, Eos Films, Alef Studio, KF as (République Tchèque)
ZDF/Arte, STV Bratislava, TSR, dora films

Centre National de la Cinématographie, Communauté Urbaine de Strasbourg

festival Nyon 1996

Eos Films, Les Films de l'Observatoire

Images de la Culture (CNC)  Malavida