You Will Go To Matzenheim


a film by Roland Muller (52')From June to September 2003, in Matzenheim, the last brother of Saint Joseph College gave up his place to a lay director. It's the end of a story.

However, both inside and outside the college, an expectation is expressed: something of this history must continue, "a state of mind, values". From this expectation, the film revisits the history of Matzenheim. We discover that this place, created 150 years ago, is a kind of myth in Alsace. Myth based on an image that is both prestigious and feared that has left its mark on all those who have been there. Former students retrospectively take a look at this college, its educational system, its methods.

Technical data :

52 minutes
camera Roland Muller
sound Richard Harmelle, Thomas Cerciat 
editing Benjamin Gehant
production ninamedia
grants Communauté urbaine de Strasbourg,
Région Alsace, Département du Bas-Rhin 
distribution dora films