Arte, Birth Certificates


a film by Patrice Muller, 51'In 1990 Germany and France signed a treaty creating the ARTE television channel. Less than two years later, in the spring of 1992, the countdown began in Strasbourg for the first broadcast of this new Franco-German channel.

Rue de la Fonderie or in the building of France 3 Alsace, Patrice Muller meets the craftsmen of Arte. Between dreams and worries, they talk, they talk about each other until May 30, 1992, the day of the first Arte broadcast on cable. On September 28, 1992 Arte was broadcast on the former Canal de la Cinq. Meanwhile, André Harris, program manager, has been replaced by Alain Maneval.

We do not present an excerpt here, but the whole film!

technical data:

51 minutes
camera Daniel Coche
sound Bruno de Chénerilles
editing Jean-Baptiste Mathieu
mixing Bruno de Chénerilles
production Le Maillon