Last Mornings In Africa


a film by Pierre Mann, 52'The daytime behaviour of African animals is now well known, but little is known about their life after dark.

Pierre Mann's bestiary opens with the giant tortoise emerging from the mists of time and the depths of the ocean to lay its eggs in the warm sand. In the most secret places of the African bush, he observes the leopard during its nightly stalks, the mysterious genet watching its prey, the strange behaviour of buffaloes. Prey and carnivores play out the tragic game of life and death.

technical data:

52 minutes
image Pierre Mann
soundPierre Huguet
editingPierre Mann
musicPascal Doumange
voiceDaniel Chambet-Ithier
production Regards sur le monde
support Région Alsace, Communauté urbaine de Strasbourg, Cora Strasbourg
distribution dora films