Life of The Grannies


a film by Daniel Coche, 24'Older ladies answer questions from young children; it's the Grannies' opinion, or the Grannies' life.

We do not present an excerpt here, but the whole film!

technical data:

24 minutes
screenplay Children's council with the help of Franck De Raeve and Céline Willmann
cameraDaniel Coche
sound Daniel Coche
with Mrs: Berthe Bertrand, Madeleine Buffaband, Joséphine Clar, Valentine Hiessler, Marie-Thérèse Knittel, Marie-Rose Walter, Alice Wolf and children: Claire Barth,
Victorien Bierg, Arnaud Bletterer, Pierre-Baptiste Caffino, Marion Labbé, Margaux Reymann, Luc Steinmetz
editingDaniel Coche
music Charles Koehl
production dora films, Ville de Haguenau