Damien Fritsch

Alfonso and Company ( 2009 )

Alfonso and Company
a film by Damien Fritsch, 60'Alfonso is the founder and the emblematic figure of the Gospel choir: Gospel Kids, which is still growing up and brings together children from Strasbourg's districts.  

Damien Fritsch ( 2008 )

Damien Fritsch

Born in 1963 in Molsheim


Auteur - filmmaker of fifteen documentary films.

The Expectation ( 2007 )

The Expectation
a film by Damien Fritsch, 83'"Six years ago, my wife announced me that I was going to become a father. I took my camera and I filmed for the next nine months, to ward off the fear within me."

Deep Rooted ( 2005 )

Deep Rooted
a film by Damien Frish, 51'Yvette, Léon and the others are between 70 and 80 years old. They live in different countrysides, but each of them has been living in the same house for years, in this land where they were born.

Emile Gallé, Nature in Art ( 2005 )

Emile Gallé, Nature in Art
a film by Damien Fritsch, 26' The work of Emile Gallé (1846-1904) is one of the essential references in Art Nouveau. The master of the "Ecole de Nancy" was a glassmaker, a furniture designer, a ceramist, but also a committed humanist and a well-known botanist who has left an important scientific work.

Cult-Film ( 2003 )

a film by Damien Fritsch, 28'  Some aspects of the intellectual, spiritual and physical preparation of a pastor in the days that precede service.

Music and Musicians ( 2003 )

Music and Musicians
a film by Damien Fritsch, 52'Yuko, coming from Japan, improves her drumming and Adrian, surrounded by a family of musicians, plays the piano, cello and electric guitar.

The Calm of the Poisoned River ( 2001 )

The Calm of the Poisoned River
a film by Damien Fritsch, 23'August 1999, my partner, a photographer, notices a man in a hospital. The day of the eclipse, she recognizes the man in the crowd and takes photos of him, with his permission...

Second Skin ( 2001 )

Second Skin
a film by Damien Fritsch , 26' A documentary about people wearing uniforms or costumes. Who are they with, and who are they without their second skin? The film explores these questions through different characters: a policeman, a priest, a clown, a drag queen...

Ladies Dreaming ( 2000 )

Ladies Dreaming
a film by Damien Fritsch, 26'Recognized today as well as other dances, belly dancing has spread beyond the East and reached Europe. But what does that dance mean when danced by European women?

The World at the Fingertips ( 2000 )

The World at the Fingertips
a film by Damien Fritsch, 53'“I see neither forms nor light, nothing, absolutely nothing. But I’m not in the dark, I see nothing“, says Jean-Michel, who is blind from birth, like the other characters in the film.

Feu de tout bois ( 1998 )

Feu de tout bois
a film by Damien Fritsch, 23' Autumn 1995, the sculptor Alain Ligier exhibits his statues in Orangerie Park in Strasbourg. Walk with the artist...

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity ( 1997 )

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity
a film by Daniel Coche and Damien Fritsch, 32' A totalitarian party holds a congress in the capital of Europe. Citizens, cultural associations, political organizations, all decide to react to this event.

Anne ( 1996 )

un film de Damien Fritsch, 59'Anne is an artist and a painter, but Anne has stopped to paint. Anne decides to go back to work again and the director decides to film her return to work, her evolution.

The Widows' Ball ( 1996 )

The Widows' Ball
a film by Damien Fritsch, 61'Every year, in Munster, in the region of Alsace, a ball with a strange name takes place: the Widows' Ball. Disguised and masked, women are the ones who invite men to the dance.

The History of a High School ( 1995 )

The History of a High School
a film by Daniel Coche and Damien Fritsch, 100'When evoking schoolboy life, what do we remember? The film is a story of the Stanislas secondary school of Wissembourg.