a film by Frédéric Goldbronn 39'The Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) was also an unprecedented attempt at libertarianism. Diego Camacho is one of the last witnesses to this experience, which marked his whole life.

Frédéric Goldbronn invites him to comment on a selection of photos from the period, some of which focus on memories directly experienced, while others refer to scenes from his "family novel". This is a film about the work of memory, based on a double device: it uses original iconography from the Spanish War to question the memory of one of its last survivors, and at the same time, uses living memory to question photographic memory.

Technical data:

39 minutes
camera François Rosalato
sound  Stéphane Kayler
editing Anita Perez
production Cauri films TV10 Angers, Perifilms
grants SCAM (Bourse "Brouillon d'un rêve"), Association Libertad, CNC, PROCIREP.
festivals Sélection française Vue sur les docs (Marseille,1999), Etats généraux du documentaire (Lussas, 1999), Ecrans Documentaires (Gentilly, 1999), Bilan du film ethnographique (Paris, 2000), Documentaires sur Grand Ecran (Paris 2000), Biennale du cinéma espagnol (Annecy, 2000), Mois du documentaire (Montpellier, Chambéry, Issy-les-Moulineaux, 2000), Festival Résistances (Tarascon sur Ariège, 2000), Festival de Sitges (Espagne, 2000), Festival du documentaire de Barcelone (Espagne, 2000)
distribution and owner dora films