Liberty, Equality, Fraternity


a film by Daniel Coche and Damien Fritsch, 32' A totalitarian party holds a congress in the capital of Europe. Citizens, cultural associations, political organizations, all decide to react to this event.

The culmination of this citizen action is the March 29 demonstration, gathering more than 50,000 people. This film, shot in the very heart of the action, is a testimony of humanity. Without a shadow of a political speech, but with the complicity of the music in the streets, the film gives pride to faces, blends, colours, liberty, equality and fraternity.

You can preview this film here in integral.

technical data:
duration 32 minutes
camera Daniel Coche et Damien Fritsch
sound Daniel Coche et Daniel Fritsch
editing Daniel Coche et Damien Fritsch
mixing Gilles  Guigue
production dora films