Georges Courtois - Faces Of A Rebel


a film by Frédéric Goldbronn, After twelve years of incarceration, a man benefits from a leave. His name is Georges Courtois. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison for having, on December 19, 1985 in Nantes, taken hostage the magistrates and jurors who tried him for several hold-ups.

He had then demanded the arrival of a television team and denounced the social death of the prisoners. These images went around the world. In the in-between period of leave, he tries to find his family: his wife, Chantal, who lives while waiting for his release, his daughters and grandchildren whom he only knew in the visiting room. . Together and separately, they wonder about his arrowed path, the effects of prison, confinement and freedom, and begin to dream of a future that would not be a repetition.

technical data:

52 minutes
camera José Reynes
sound Stéphane Kayler
editing Anne Baudry, Claire Le Villain
musicElisabeth Bossero
production Lazennec Bretagne, France 3 Ouest, Les films d'ici, Périphérie production, avec le concours de la RTBF
support Département de Seine Saint-Denis, Région des Pays de Loire, Procirep
festivals Documentary Award CIRCOM 1997(Conférence Européenne des Télévisions Régionales de Service Public. Szeged, Hongrie) Prix du documentaire au Festival de Cinéma de Douarnenez 1997 Sélection française Vue sur les docs (Marseille, 1997)
distributiondora films