The Saga Behind The Scenes


a film by Roland Muller, 53 minutesThe adventure of the inhabitants of Saverne, a small town in northern Alsace, for two months in the summer of 1987. They put on a major theatrical show.

An actor, Raymond Roumegous, creates with two hundred inhabitants and a few professionals a popular spectacle exceeding the ambitions and the scale of the traditional spectacles.

Who are these inhabitants risking themselves in this adventure, and how do they live it? What does this represent in their daily and family life? Singular portraits that intertwine; the mechanisms of setting up creation, filmed from the inside by an omnipresent observer.

technical data:

53 minutes
camera Roland Muller
sound Roland Muller
editing Daniel Coche
with the inhabitants of Saverne
production dora films
support Ville de Saverne, Atelier Audiovisuel Strasbourg
distribution dora films