To And Fro


a film by Daniel Coche, 45'1983 - A travelling showman goes on an adventure on the roads of the Kochersberg, near Strasbourg... With him, 60 school children from Strasbourg Hautepierre...

... with horse-drawn carts and a circus tent. Every evening, in the villages, Alex, Agnès, Thomas..., young suburbanites perform theater sketches. On this beautiful adventure in the style of Molière, is superimposed the voice of Agnès. Agnès writes her diary throughout the trip, it is about parents, teachers, theater, life and the future.

We do not present an excerpt here, but the whole film!

technical data:

45 minutes
camera Daniel Coche
sound Daniel Coche
text Agnès K.
voice Hélène Lapiower
support La petite Fatrasie, Est Vidéo Production
distribution dora films