Hitler Is Alive


a film by Daniel Coche, 56'It was a theater show directed by Jean-Jacques Mercier then it became a film directed by Daniel Coche in 1991.

The story is implausible, fantastic and echoes both totalitarianism and conspiracy: a journalist thinks he discovers that Hitler would have stayed in an asylum after the war. Professor Snellack is a funny .......psychiatrist!

technical data:

56 minutes
screenplay from a text by Gunter Kunert
translationClaude Lutz
cameraDaniel Coche
withMartin Adamiec, Philippe Caulier, Tobias Kempf, Gérard Lavillaureix, Jean Lorrain
sound Bruno de Chénerilles
editing Roland Muller
music Bruno de Chénerilles
set Gérard Puel
costumesSabine Siegwald
production dora films
support DRAC Ministère de la Culture, Agence culturelle et Technique d'Alsace