Mister Fritsch


a film by Daniel Coche, 15'In 1990, Mr. Fritsch, unemployed, lived in a home with few resources...

Jean-Marie Fritsch has been a customs officer, a film extra (small role in Champ d'honneur, a film by Jean-Pierre Denis 1987), a diver or a rescuer. It's a portrait: "Good today for this month I had 2116 F, but I'm not complaining, I have a roof, I can eat you know, I live with 2116 F. Oh people can say what misery... But no! I have hot water...

The future ? There you really ask me a question, how I see the future, it is already difficult to grasp the present, and you ask me to grasp the future! “He refused to confine himself to the role that society had given him. A year after filming, in August 1991, Jean-Marie Fritsch died suddenly in the hallway of the home where he had lived for ten years.

We do not present an excerpt here, but the whole film!

technical data:

15 minutes
camera Daniel Coche
sound Bruno de Chénerilles
editing Daniel Coche
production dora films
festivals Grand prix de la ville de Cabestany - Rencontres d'hiver 1992
distribution dora films