The People of Maflo


un film by Aline Battaglia, 52'In Lorraine, I met the Novisi association, which helps the village of Kpété-Maflo in Togo. One day I felt like going to look at the other end of the chain and getting to know the people I was told about here.

Does this clinic change the daily life of the villagers? Are the women in the farmers' group living better? Are the farmers doing well with cocoa?

Day by day... in Kpété-Maflo.

technical data:

52 minutes
camera Aline Battaglia
sound Armel Kaboré
editing Aline Battaglia, Yvan Becker, Julia Laurenceau
production dora films / Mosaïk TV / Vosges Télévision Images Plus
supports CNC, Communauté urbaine de Strasbourg
distribution dora films