Don't Worry


a film by Camille Roux, 35'In June 2008, the management of the Strasbourg tobacco factory, which has been located in the Krutenau district since 1850, announced the closure of the factory by 30 June 2010.

Some of the workers have worked there for over thirty years, sometimes succeeding their parents or grandparents. For all of them, it is a part of their personal history that is brutally swept away. This film shows the last work gestures accomplished by the workers before being definitively dismissed. One gesture after another, like a form of silent protest.

technical data:

35 minutes
camera Camille Roux, Jonathan Schall
sound Camille Roux, Jonathan Schall
editing Camille Roux, Sanam Ghods, Grégory Buchert
mixing Raphael Charpentié
supports DRAC Alsace, Communauté urbaine de Strasbourg
distribution  dora films