One Year Among Bears


a film by Pierre Mann, 78'Five different species were observed over the course of a year: the European Brown Bear, the Polar Bear, the Grizzly Bear, the Black Bear and the Kermode or Spirit Bear.

By entering their world, Pierre Mann filmed their life cycle. They embody both strength and innocence. They are giants with feet of clay, their living environments doomed to disappear. After fasting for several months, they left their lair. They have lost a quarter of their weight and must now find something to eat.

The sixth extinction of species has just been announced, and we can't remain astonished spectators while ignoring the announcement of a "slow-motion catastrophe". The film also recounts the incredible migration of the salmon to their spawning grounds, where the imposing ursids await them.

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technical data :

camera Pierre Mann
comment Pierre Mann
editing Daniel Coche
mixingKinane Moualla
music Eric Bono
production De Visu productions 
grants Région Grand Est en partenariat avec le CNC, groupe Sopra Steria et Sopra Aeroline, groupe Pierre Schnmidt-Stoeffler, Caisse d'Epargne Grand Est Europe
distribution dora films