Antarctica, A Continent Adrift


a film by Pierre Mann, 66'I wanted to rediscover the nobility, the grandiose, the majesty of a land of rare purity, a fragile land, hostile to human presence. I want to see the mystical beauty of the ice floe again, admire the splendor of the great icebergs, touch the walls of ice with my gaze.

I enter into this nature as into a sanctuary, in the midst of a diversity of extraordinary beings”.

During five polar expeditions, Pierre Mann discovered Antarctica. His film is a tribute to the beauty of the white planet, the scene of an incessant fight for life. He has seen this continent of all extremes weaken and drift away. Directly affected by climate change, Antarctica is at the heart of the planet's challenges. Pierre Mann demonstrates the urgency of the decisions to be taken for this immaculate paradise and its astonishing biodiversity.

technical data:
66 minutes
camera Pierre Mann
sound Pierre Mann
editing Daniel Coche
musique Eric Bono
production de visu productions
distribution de visu productions & dora films
selected Victor du documentaire polaire (october 2021)
and Environment Award at FEISME 2022