Next Year, the Revolution


a film by Frédéric Goldbronn, 71'Next year the revolution is the cry of hope of the proletarians of Yiddishland in the first half of the 20th century, a dream that ended in the nightmare of the extermination camps.

Maurice Rajsfus' story lies at the heart of this tragedy. His parents, who had come to France seeking refuge, were arrested on July 16, 1942 by the French police and taken to Drancy, before being murdered at Auschwitz. How do you build a life out of nothing? For Maurice, the answer was writing and political commitment, loyalty to his parents' ideals. Maurice's story echoes that of the director. They share the same origins and, with the gap of a generation, have lived in the same places and shared the same commitments. But unlike Maurice, the director knows little or nothing of his own family history, which has not been passed on to him.

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Technical data:

71 minutes
camera François Rosalato
sound Jean-Paul Guirado
editing Anne Baudry
production Cauri films en coproduction avec Télébocal
grants CNC and Procirep
distribution and owner dora films