Man, That Old Sick Animal


a film by Simone Fluhr, 83'I meet Jean-Luc Nancy wondering what it means to make philosophy his destiny. Something that may seem strange, even foreign to most of us.

Yet thinking is like breathing, which is what we all do, all the time, without even knowing it. You don't have to be a scholar to be in search of the meaning of our presence in the world, a requirement linked to our human condition.

Hence my desire to take a philosopher to explore the questions that concern me. So as not to stay too alone with them, just to work them together.

With Jean-Luc Nancy, it will be about questioning the world, his, ours, deporting us to the frontiers of reason. By addressing its tragedies and its beauties, where words sometimes fail ...

fiche technique :
83 minutes
camera Daniel Coche, Simone Fluhr
sound Daniel Coche, Simone Fluhr
editing Simone Fluhr
sound editingMarc Rodicq
mixingMarc Rodicq
production dora films sas
grant Région Grand Est