Daniel Coche

The Little Spark ( 2014 )

The Little Spark
a film by Simone Fluhr and Daniel Coche, 57'.Solange Fernex died in september 2006. She was one of the very first activists at the beginning of the ecological fight. This film is a portrait of the woman who first defended the architectural heritage of her country and also nature and animal life.

The Shining Stars ( 2011 )

The Shining Stars
a film by Simone Fluhr and Daniel Coche, 94' In a yellow house, situated at the heart of Strasbourg, people come from all over the world with a glimmer of hope to find refuge from the persecutions, which have forced them into exile.  

The First Screening ( 2009 )

The First Screening
a film by Daniel Coche, 17' Salamatou, Moussa and Alassane go up and down in the bush and along the banks of Niger, to organize screenings of films in isolated villages without electricity, where no picture has been screened yet. A film with no dialogue or voice-over. Watch it here in its entirely.  

Daniel Coche ( 2008 )

Daniel Coche

Born in 1950 in Strasbourg


Auteur - filmmaker of about thirty films mostly documentaries. Producer at dora films.

Open Heart ( 2008 )

Open Heart
a film by Daniel Coche & Simone Fluhr, 77' Several times each year, they are 13.000 Km away from home, in a hospital in Laos. They come from Luxemburg, Strasbourg, Freiburg: they are surgeons, pediatricians, nurses, anaesthetists,...

"La Casa" in the Streets ( 2006 )

"La Casa" in the Streets
a film by Daniel Coche & Simone Fluhr, 45'Just like a note book full of words and pictures covering the years from 2000 to 2006, this film bears witness to groups of asylum seekers drifting through Strasbourg.

A Season Without Hunger ( 2005 )

A Season Without Hunger
a film by Daniel Coche, 88'Twenty years after the historic call by Coluche on the French radio "Europe 1", the "Restaurants of Heart" still exist and have become a true charitable institution. Shot in Strasbourg, during winter, the film shows volunteers who help poor people who receive goods to survive.

Nothing, But Too Much ( 2004 )

Nothing, But Too Much
a film by Daniel Coche, 16'  Packaging represent more than a third of the countain of our garbage...

André Weckmann ( 2003 )

André Weckmann
a film by Daniel Coche , 52'André Weckmann is the author of multiple works: poetic, romantic, satiric works... written in three languages: Alsacian, French, German.

Days of Exile ( 2001 )

Days of Exile
a film by Daniel Coche, 52' After a tortuous journey that began in Ukrainian mountains, African cities or Sri Lankan countrysides, David, Rémy, Lilianne, Balan and Uma have arrived on the banks of the Rhine.

A Narrow Escape ( 1999 )

A Narrow Escape
a film by Daniel Coche, 27'Henri Keller, a former miner born in 1933, has spent over 30 years of his life traveling from one mine to another; from Mulhouse to deepest Africa, passing through Morocco and Britain.  

Dear Ademir ( 1998 )

Dear Ademir
a film by Daniel Coche and Simone Fluhr, 34' Ademir Kenovic is a filmmaker in Sarajevo. During the war in Bosnia, he stayed in Sarajevo and filmed its inhabitants.

A Painstaking Job ( 1998 )

A Painstaking Job
a film by Daniel Coche , 52'Louis and Bernard, who have just retired, have decided to support some Yougoslavian refugees and deserters.

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity ( 1997 )

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity
a film by Daniel Coche and Damien Fritsch, 32' A totalitarian party holds a congress in the capital of Europe. Citizens, cultural associations, political organizations, all decide to react to this event.

The History of a High School ( 1995 )

The History of a High School
a film by Daniel Coche and Damien Fritsch, 100'When evoking schoolboy life, what do we remember? The film is a story of the Stanislas secondary school of Wissembourg.

Horla ( 1989 )

a film by Daniel Coche, 49'A man in the countryside, accompanied by his valet and his linen maid. Mister is ill, Mister travels, Mister is scared. Nothing can be done. Mister tries to stimulate himself, to react, but his will seems to collide with the strength of madness. Delirium begins.

Back From the Supermarket ( 1989 )

Back From the Supermarket
a film by Daniel Coche, 7' When you get back from the supermarket, what do you do?